Vitamin D elisa Kit

Short Incubation, No outside extraction, Excellent Correlation with HPLC

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Immunoshop launches an innovative easy-to-use 25-Hydroxyvitamin D TOTAL (D2 and D3) ELISA with AIO (All-in-One) technology from Diasource. The assay is based on patented (Patent Pending) monoclonal antibodies that the company recently developed. These antibodies have successfully been used in a 25-Hydroxyvitamin D TOTAL RIA assay that was launched in 2011.
The new ELISA is specifically designed to be used manually as well as on open automated systems and uses a pretreatment step that is executed directly in the assay well (AIO: All In One). The total assay time is less than 4 hours. As this assay offers major advantages with respect to ease-of-use to laboratory technicians (AIO technology).In the automated version higher numbers of samples can easily be run on any open ELISA automate. Besides this 25-Hydroxyvitamin D ELISA DIAsource® also offers a 25-Hydroxyvitamin D3 specific RIA , a 25-Hydroxyvitamin D Total RIA and a 1,25-Dihydroxyvitamin D RIA assay.

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