TB Platinum

High Quality TB IGRA kit at economical prices

special Introductory price

Immunoshop adds one more test to its vast array of diagnostic products for better patient and healthcare management.  We are pleased to launch Immucheck TB Platinum (IGRA)-an assay for the detection of interferon gamma released against specific Mycobacterium tuberculosis antigens in whole blood.

TB cases can drop  if LTBI cases are diagnosed in time since 10% of LTBI cases progress to active TB disease. Immucheck TB platinum test will be able to detect both a TB disease and Latent TB Infection (LTBI). 

TB IGRA is useful in screening of  TB infections however it does not differentiate between Latent and active TB infection so it can not be used for Confirmatory diagnosis and treatment of TB. For confirmation and to take decision on treatment further testing of all positives by IGRA will be needed with confirmatory tests and correlation with clinical history and radiological investigations.


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  • jame s

    Is this a copy of quntiferon gold kit?

  • chakrav

    Also interest to know if same like QFT gold. That test too expensive!

  • TB avenger

    QFT gold is shit, and by extension so is TB platinum. Hi cost, no useful information for persons in high burden countries.